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Now is the ideal time to visit a Grand Solmar Vacation Club location in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Travel has been on everyone’s mind, and with Solmar Standards in Safety and Care, it’s time to make those dreams reality.

Solmar Hotels & Resorts have implemented new policies, procedures and social distancing practices across all resorts, to ensure the highest levels of prevention controls aligned with Federal recommendations.

Here are a few examples.

Guest luggage will be sanitized before entering the resorts, and there will be temperature-measuring stations available for guests and members. As well, there is mandatory use of sanitization solutions to spray inside all cars at valet parking.

luggage sanitized

Desk agents, valet parking staff, security gate agents and more will have mandatory use of face masks and safety goggles. Guests and members will only be asked to use face masks in closed places, such as the lobby and restaurants. There will always be complimentary sanitizing gel or solution at the Reception counter and Concierge desks, and credit card terminals, pens and all items used will be sanitized between guests.

There are adjusted cleaning procedures for housekeeping, ensuring reinforced sanitization of rooms at each check-out and check-in, as well as constant sanitization of public areas such as elevators, bathrooms, railings, etc.

Staff members have all received special training on techniques for infection prevention, and there will be close supervision from area managers. Security access checkpoints have been set up with digital thermometers to verify the health of each employee before entering the facilities. All workstations and common facilities will have sanitizing gel and/or soap and there will be daily sanitization of employees’ common areas such as locker rooms, offices, workshops, pantries, and more.

ocean view

Add to that the options to stay at one of the amazing Grand Solmar locations, and be able to access the other resorts, this is the ideal time to visit a Grand Solmar Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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