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Grand Solmar Vacation Club recommends you to peek through at the Land End’s where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. There are remarkable rock formations in this area that add to the spectacular view and the Lovers Beach near the arch, which turns out to be a golden paradise where you can ride back on a boat or enjoy a Glassbottom boat ride and view the splendors of the colorful underwater world through the glass windows. To holiday in Cabo San Lucas and miss the arch is like having you’re gone to Rome and not seen the Coliseum.

Arch of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico

Our members love the adventure trips to locate the tip of Mexico’s Baja peninsula, where the natural stone arch stands as an exhibit of nature’s artwork. You can hire a water taxi and get a close view of the beautiful arch with sea lions lounging around its rocks or have fun in the sun at Lover’s Beach, where you can live up to your desires.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club says if you want to get away from the tourist track, you sure can escape to an exciting adventure experience.

You can opt for whale-watching through glass bottom boats or enjoy the thrill of the Baja Bungee. You can jump on a Helicopter and enjoy an aerial sightseeing tour of Cabo San Lucas, capturing the beautiful landscape from above.

Glass Bottom Boat in the water

Sports keep the tourist entertained, and the travelers to Mexico are inspired to enjoy the all-inclusive resort experience by living and enjoying as the locals and experiencing the true spirit of Mexico by indulging in all the In-house and outdoor activities that they can participate in.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club advises you to experience the fresh seafood of Cabo San Lucas with a traditional Mexican touch to enjoy the spicy flavors of Mexican cuisines. Cabo San Lucas is a party city, and you sure will find many restaurants along the Marina Boulevard where you can satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the vistas of the Marina. The beautiful bay is as appealing as the traditional seafood that they serve.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club in mind the forefront of the traditional Mexican style, including the modern conveniences with a subtle Mexican touch offering the best of amenities that make you live in luxurious splendor at these beautiful resorts during your holiday.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club The Natural Beauty Of Lands End At Cabo San Lucas (3)

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