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Grand Solmar Vacation Club Summer is coming up very soon, and enjoying the fabulous amenities Grand Solmar offers to travelers is something everyone should do this summer. This will be a banner year, and we ask that you book early for our Summer 2022. With all the challenges we all faced over the last few years, this year is the year to celebrate life and love.
Grand Solmar Vacation Club is a multi-award-winning resort that offers the vacation experiences members and guests will remember for years to come.

You are spending your quality vacation in luxury that has been redefined for your enjoyment and experience.

The resort is grand in luxury. It also enjoys the multitude of amenities on the property (swimming pools, spas, dining, recreational activities, and more) that await all those who choose to spend their time at this decadent resort.

Grand Solmar knows travelers in the midst of planning your summer trip to Cabo that offer a terrific amount of fun things to do. With all of the great amenities available here, members don’t even have to leave the resort property to have both an exciting and relaxing time. Grand Solmar Vacation Club is the Gold Standard in Cabo

Here are some of the great things you can do while spending time at Grand Solmar Vacation Club.

Chill out at all the Great Pools

Grand Solmar Vacation Club offers the most fun than any other resort. Their resort is one of the finest in the Los Cabos area.

Pool at the resort


Fine Dining

There are many excellent dining experiences available for members to enjoy at the resort; some of our chefs are the finest in the Baja area, with fine dining like no other. Try authentic Mexican dishes prepared in settings where you can watch the sunsets and the cruise ships come and go. This is like no other resort. The location is the ultimate in Los Cabos.

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The Spa

Nothing better than getting a spa treatment while on vacation to get you relaxed and start your Grand Solmar with a relaxed mood and well-being. Indulge in facial and other great body treatments.

Grand Solmar Timeshare Couple having oil Ayurveda spa treatment.

The Solmar experience always makes our many members come back year after year to indulge in the luxury of the solar experience.

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