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Grand Solmar Vacation Club members are aware that Los Cabos in the Summertime can be a little hotter and a bit more humid than it is during the winter months.

But these warmer temperatures bring with them more than a few benefits that vacationers are happy to enjoy. For example, many of the world-class golf courses, usually closed to the public, will not only let you play, but they have significant discounts for golfers starting their rounds in the afternoon. Another highlight of visiting Los Cabos in the Summer is that the beaches, restaurants, and excursions are not filled so discounted deals can often be found.

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But when it comes to fishing, warmer water temperatures on both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean bring in great fishing. If you haven’t noticed yet, many of the large jackpot fishing tournaments in Los Cabos take place throughout October before the waters get cold again. Unfortunately, most fishing charters are already booked solid for October due to the many tournaments, so the average fisherman will find late Summer is the best time to schedule a fishing trip to Los Cabos according to Grand Solmar Vacation Club members.

This year, several charter companies have reported that as the water temperatures are increasing so are the number of fish being hooked. While there has not been an overwhelming number of Blue and Striped Marlins yet, most all captains are practicing catch and release of these billfish right now unless their customers want to keep one as a trophy. What is being found in abundance right now are schools of tuna and dolphins. Once a school of tuna is located, anglers can easily catch ten to fifteen fish within a relatively short time frame.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club members who are also avid fishermen, know that this is a high season to catch more of what is known as “good eating” fish.

These fish include dorado, wahoo, and yellowtail tuna. For those who want to find more fish without having to go thirty miles or more out into the deeper waters, inshore fishing is also much better when the water is warmer. The local inshore fishing reports lately have included triggerfish, sierra mackerel, grouper, and roosterfish. Los Cabos is known for its many “catch and cook” restaurants, so remember to use some of your freshly caught fish to have one of your best meals ever on vacation.

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