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Grand Solmar Vacation Club the multi-award-winning resort offers these helpful tips for your next Cabo vacation.

During the Dia de la Independencia this September, Cabo was an exciting place to be with celebrations of the national holiday, and Grand Solmar Vacation Club guests are invited to participate in the fun.

There are always exciting events taking place across Mexico, livening up its best cities to create unforgettable vacation destinations. All across the country, holidays and special cultural events are celebrated in style with vibrant displays and exciting events, and in Cabo San Lucas this is certainly no exception.

One of the most significant events that are celebrated throughout Mexico this September is Dia de la Independencia, Mexico’s Independence Day, and Grand Solmar Vacation Club is excited to invite to Cabo San Lucas to see the fantastic festivities that the holiday inspires.

Cabo San Lucas Mexico by Grand Solmar Vacation Club

The 15 th of September is Dia de la Independencia, and citizens and guests throughout Mexico were gearing up to celebrate Mexico’s Independence during the days leading up to the holiday. Often in Cabo San Lucas, the celebrations for this important national holiday are held on both the 15 th and 16 th. The merriments traditionally kicked off on the night of the 15 th with a reading of the Grito de Dolores, a historical speech initially made by Miguel Hidalgo at the start of the Mexican rebellion against Spain in 1821. Today, this speech is iconic and a staple of the celebrations of this proud day, and it is integrated into celebrations across the country.

Though the Independence commemorations begin with the grit, they certainly do not end with it, especially in Cabo San Lucas.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club shares that in addition to the historical reading, there were also several other ways that the city could be enjoyed while celebrating the holiday with locals and visitors alike.

Other festivities to appreciate the day included a fireworks display, a variety of live performances of music and dance, a parade, and family picnics. This was a huge day for the Mexican people, and it is a holiday that travelers loved celebrating as well. Make sure to consider making the Independence Day part of Cabo visits this next year for an unforgettable experience of culture and history.

It is easy to plan a great trip to Cabo San Lucas with the help of Grand Solmar Vacation Club.

Travel in ease and comfort and appreciate all of the fun and beauty that is available in Cabo San Lucas, one of Mexico’s most beautiful cities and a destination that is ideal for guests who want to bask in a luxurious setting.

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