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Grand Solmar Vacation Club is one of the top luxury vacation resorts in Los Cabos for many reasons, but taking the time to provide insight to members about some of the ways to have the best vacation possible is something they are known throughout the vacation industry for. We all understand and appreciate that your vacations are precious, and you want everything just perfect. We make sure your experience is the best it can be.

The customer-service-oriented staff strives to make correct recommendations for all visitors to the resort. But especially for those arriving in Mexico for the first time and visiting the Cabo San Lucas area during the 2021 season, there is plenty of fun and exciting activities to enjoy during your stay.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Reviews Activities in Los Cabos for 2021 (4)


Grand Solmar Vacation Club staff explain that Cabo San Lucas is an excellent choice for a vacation destination because of the many different things to see and do in the area. Both first-time visitors and those who have returned often might not even be aware of everything the Los Cabos area has to offer. For instance, during the winter months, one of the top activities that animal lovers worldwide flock to is enjoying seeing the several different species of whales that migrate here every year.

In 2021, as pandemic restrictions begin to be lifted worldwide, people are heading to Los Cabos for the beautiful sandy beaches and warm tropical waters teeming with marine life. Scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and glass-bottom boat rides are just a few ways to catch glimpses of the many marine animals that call Los Cabos home.

Visitors to Cabo San Lucas starting in November and continuing through March will get the chance to see several different species of whales. Researchers believe that whales come to the area each year to give birth, feed, and train their babies. There are various boat tours available in the area for those who want a chance to see these creatures up close and personal. Concierge services at the resort can assist visitors in selecting and reserving one of the tours leaving from the nearby marina.

Humpback whale calf breaching in Cabo San Lucas


However, guests staying at Grand Solmar Resort Land’s End or Rancho San Lucas can whale watch from the lobby, the restaurants, balconies, and even the pool! However, whichever way you decide to watch, Los Cabos is the perfect spot for whale watching during the winter months. So if you are planning to travel this winter, why not make the goal of your trip to get a picture of a whale tail in Los Cabos!

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club concierge staff offers its members and guests advice for day trips and other excursions as well. Exploring quaint towns, watching artisans blowing glass creations, shopping at Luxury Avenue, and sampling local cuisine, including fresh seafood, are just a few of the more popular activities people enjoy while in Los Cabos. It is also a world-renowned destination for fishing and golfing.

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