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Grand Solmar Vacation Club loves to offer tips to members looking for that little day trip somewhere extraordinary. Here is the perfect example of a bit of town north of Cabo called Todos Santos

What to Do When in Todos Santos Baja Mexico

Todos Santos, which means All Saints in English, is a small paradise located some 45 miles away from the beautiful resort city of Cabo San Lucas. The construction of Mexico Highway 19 paved the way for tourists to discover this once sleepy, uninteresting town and has made it everyone’s a new favorite destination when in Baja, Mexico.

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This place is ideal for people who love arts and culture, who like to be one with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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Grand Solmar Vacation Club offers An Overview of the Town.

Although this town was established in the early 1700s, it was only during the 20th century that it started to prosper due to the booming sugar production. Sugar production was the primary source of income for the people, and from here, they were able to build stunning buildings inspired by the Colonial Era.

Hotel California

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Great Day Trip Experiences

Todos Santos is a typical farm town. Palm and fruit trees welcome guests upon arrival. In the past years, this town has slowly become the center of culture and arts on the Pacific coast of Baja.

Todos Santos


Art galleries filled with beautiful local creations can be found everywhere in the town proper. If you love to collect paintings, you can bring them home with your art pieces straight from the painter’s gallery or now have them quickly delivered. Times have changed.

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In addition to a sugar cane and delicious fruit-bearing trees, this town also takes pride in its eco-tourism. You can experience bird watching and hiking at the mountain range of Sierra Laguna. Furthermore, because Todos Santos is also a coastal town, you can kayak, surf, and scuba dive on its white-sand beaches like Cerritos Beach.

3 Most Recommended Itinerary when in Todos Santos

Mountain Hiking: The Sierra de la Laguna

Biosphere Reserve is recommended for nature lovers. Starting from Todos Santos, this itinerary is a whole day trek to the challenging mountain along with an expert guide. The departure time is 9 in the morning. The hike needs to start early because everyone must be home before sunset. Along the way, you can smell the fragrant oak and pine trees and be amazed at the rich and diverse flora and fauna.

Tip: Because this is a day-long trip and the climb is expected to be adventurous, make sure you bring along enough water to stay fully hydrated.

Beaches: Being at the beach gives you countless activities to do.

Cerritos Beach, for instance, you and your family, friends, and loved ones can rent surfboards and do surfing lessons. Besides the usual activities like swimming and sunbathing, you can also shop at the local shops located along the beachfront to buy some cute souvenirs.

Cerritos Beach at sunset.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Great Day Trip Experiences


Experience Pescadero: Another must-do in this town is to visit Pescadero.

This is the ultimate venue for birthdays, events, and weddings. This is also the go-to place for turtle, whale, and whale shark watching. The long, white shoreline offers the perfect destination for tourists who want to witness the marvelous sunset.

Pescadero nestles in an area one hour away from the famous Sea of Cortez. If you choose to visit, you are making yourself very close to exciting beach activities like fishing trips, windsurfing, paddleboarding, and snorkeling. During days when you don’t want to do anything, basking under the heat of the Baja sun, lying on the powder-fine sand is completely fine; while waiting for your garden salad prepared with ingredients fresh from the farm.

Todos Santos also boasts of its colorful and vibrant festivals like other Mexican towns. As a tip, check out their calendar of activities before making a booking to ensure you will witness more events during your stay. A fun-filled itinerary is undoubtedly better than one would expect.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club Great Day Trip Experiences

They say that Todos Santos is Mexico’s best-kept secret, a hidden gem. While this is many, many years ago, this dusty town is slowly becoming famous in the eyes of tourists. If you are someone dreaming of going to a beautiful place with only a few people to guarantee optimum tranquillity, then visit Todos Santos now before it becomes a busy tourist destination shortly.

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