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Grand Solmar Vacation Club is one of the premier luxury resorts that are multi-award-winning that ranks worldwide, offering guests from all around the world the chance to experience luxury vacations unlike they ever have before.

Spending quality time with the one you love is very important. We need to some alone time and to be able to enjoy those special moments that make a life together that much more special. So many choices of what to do and experience right at your home resort. This is why Solmar is the choice of many and has proven so by receiving awards every year and is a top-rated luxury resort worldwide.

enjoying at the beach at Grand Solmar Vacation Club

Spending time in their lavish accommodations will be a treasured experience since the comfort that can be found there is truly unbeatable. Couples who are hoping to spend time together in a romantic setting will enjoy visiting here, and here are some of the reasons why both Cabo San Lucas and Grand Solmar Vacation Club are the perfect destinations for romance.

One of the top things travelers who are visiting Cabo San Lucas hope to do during their trip is spending time at the beautiful beaches found in the area. Grand Solmar Timeshare knows there are many different choices to pick from, but one of the best places for romance is given away by its name. Lover’s Beach is the perfect spot to plan a romantic date with the one you love, so aim for a sunset champagne picnic or a sunrise stroll along the shore.

Grand Solmar Vacation Club reveals that a luxury spa located on the property, known as Land’s End Spa, is the perfect place to unwind with the one you love.

There are many different types of treatments available here, and couples will love exploring them together. Nothing is more romantic than taking some time to relax together, so try a decadent massage to relax the muscles after strolling around the famous Golden Zone, shopping for souvenirs, and sightseeing around Cabo San Lucas.


You and Your Partner Deserve it.

After falling in love with the magical little town of Cabo San Lucas, travelers might want to make it a yearly tradition to visit. That’s why Grand Solmar Timeshare is the perfect place: always a fantastic place to stay.

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